Thursday, March 3, 2011

life =,="

korg mesti pernah tgk full house kan?
drama korea tu btw tadi last episode dia
so i want to talk about life
kenape life kite tak mcm ape yg kite tgk dlm tv
knpe kite tak rase mcm sgt dihargai mcm mana dlm full house itu?
diri sangat disayangi dan didamba AWWW I LIKE BESASTERA, nak tahu mcm mana situasi yang aku ckp ni? please tgk cerita full house kat you tube
whats the point that u gonna talking about? huh? wasting of my time lah minah ni*grr mesti ni yg korg rase
HAHA lak ahh, chillex beb, so today i want to talk about my self, HAHA,
every single women in this entire world, sume penah rase what perasaan suke kat some one termasuk lah kawan aku ni yang bernama AUNI IZZATI (*p/s:she is angauing) and AMIRA NAJWA(*im glad he is the good guy for you, make sure he taking a good care of you) AND HANIS NADHIRAH(*p/s: angauing tooo)
but for me? this kinda feeling was already gone for a very long time.
and my point is knAPEkite tak penah rase mcm mana sweetnye this kinda feeling macam dalam full house
im pretty sure perempuan yg tgk cerita tu kinda excited gile sbb hero dia bapak handsome and heroine dia bapak lah comel, and the things that make every single girl scream out loud sbb sgt lah romantik cerita tu, and mu question is?
is that kind a guy still available in kind a world? ade lagi tak laki mcm tu? yang do appreciate perempuan, so the main topic that i want to argue is, knpe lelaki, but not all tak brape appreciate prmpuan? and i want to ask you *oif u bukak blog i lahh AWWWWW knpe i u pulak ni
so to u please do appreciate me, and to those guys yang very the lucky one, please do appreciate my friends because i love them and they are my life


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