Thursday, September 22, 2011


post ni aku dedicate khas buat kawan2 yang akan fly tak lama lagi, hey, it was really great to have friends just like all of you
yeah i really appreciate the moment that we have spent together
thanks for the unforgettable memories.
it was fun!
all the best kat sana, jangan lupe kitorg kat sini. we'll always pray for our success, hope dpt jumpa time reunion!
gosh tak sabarnya nak tgk semua dh bekerjaya and ade family, it will be really cool!
its really hard to say goodbye, but utk kebaikan korg, yeah, bye :) till we meet again.
sorry tak sempat tgk korg kat airport, sumpah sedih, aku jauh sgt sgt jauh dr korg,
so aku boleh tggl pesan kat korg, study well tau semua#sumpahsedihgila
it was great to have friends mcm korg,
okay to my dear friends at kmkn, u guys really cherish my day
iloveyou guys, sorry for all my wrongdoings, especially una, bila aku pms
yeah pms, normal okay,
ellisa, sorry if i ever annoyed you, i didn't mean it
areen thanks for being a such great brilliant roommate
erin my dramaqueen
fatin ali, my great voice alike
wana: my wonder women
ain my greatest comel
bubu softhearted kind girl
luqman arif: thanks for always be there for me, u really cherish my day, sumpah tak tahu nak balas ape, u really nice to me and i really appreciate it :)
dacin:hey please take a good care of my una, she's my soulmate
jord: my over react partner, :)
dell. kid: gayish  partner ever!

i love you guys :) PEACE

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