Friday, November 4, 2011

home sweet home

finally, lepas 1 bulan tak balik, now im home baby, i dont know, but i do miss home really effin much.
i miss auni, aiso aisya, kikin arong keena, hanis fama mus, and the others,
now i know how much i loved them.
so what to do during raya haji? of course spend time dgn mereke. i will be great.
i miss the, and i miss you, and i do :)
a month mcm a year kat sana,
but at last balik jugak
its long journey to come back home, thanks to that person yang teman aku balik, hahaha :)
watching a walk to remember makes me wondering, ade tak org yang sggp buat kat aku mcm mana brandon buat dekat jamie, sumpah cerita tu sgt sweet and sgt best.
sweet gila, and that song only hope .
i dedicate that song for someone yang really berharga dan bermakna buat aku, the person who i really love, and i would like to spend most of my time with.
god, cerita ni sumpah sweet. because, cerita ni nak sampaikan mesej yang, we should not ever and never let go org yang kita syg. and it teach me to not give up in love, homaigod, sumpah jiwang :D but, this is the truth man, so, those who yang keras hati tu, i would suggest to all of you, tgk lah cerita ni, you will get the message. cerita ni mase beginning mmg lah bosan but belakang tu best gila, thumbs up lah (Y)

"So I lay my head back down, And I lift my hands and pray , To be only yours , I pray to be only yours , I know now you’re my only hope , I give You my destiny , I’m giving You all of me , I want Your symphony , Singing in all that I am , At the top of my lungs I’m giving it back - Only Hope"

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