Saturday, November 26, 2011


im home . finally, after 3 weeks away from home, makes me really miss my mum
final exam, i got nothing to tell, but, after 3 weeks lack of sleep and restless, my effort was paid. chemistry sucks. 23rd december, final result keluar, so, pray for me dear followers and readers :)
thats all that i can say. bac to my story,
breaking dawn dah keluar, yippiieee, nak tgk, trailer breaking dawn awesome!
so, nak tgk, hihi
balik rumah, nothings change, just i really miss my two miscellaneous rascal brothers.
im glad that i still can meet them.
being at home was the best thing for me,
home is like heaven to me :)
my mum, she really miss me, i can see through her eyes,
but thats true :)
i need to write a note to a friend of mine
i know, i did something wrong towards you, and im sorry
i know its really hurt, but im a human, i did mistakes,
because human with flaws right, so better for us to move on in our life.
im sorry if i ever hurts your feeling, its not me, it just not me, i hope we can still be friend
you are such a good friend, and i appreciate, the time that we had spent together,
i really missed the moment that all of us were smiling during graduation day.
i missed the moment when i turned back and smiled at you.
i missed the moment we spent together during spm,
and i missed the moment we spent after spm.
it was great to know you ,
i know u can survive without me, yeah, you got new friends,
they are awesome right? im glad to see you happy.
lol. cerita sedih pulak,
i miss kb :(
i miss them very much

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