Saturday, December 3, 2011

im sorry

i know, this hurt you a lot
aku tak sengaja hurt kau punya feelings,
i just
i dont know, that smpi ke tahp tu jadi nya
if i can take all your pain away, and erased your memories,
i will do it
i wish i can compel you and make you forget all about me,
i just cant stand to burden you with all of this
i hope you can get over it,
its my fault, i know,
you can put the blame on me
im the one who did this to you
so im the one who has to end this,
i know, you are reading my blog, my tweets, i just want you to know, that im sorry
i dont know how to tell ya, how to convince ya
but truly im
i dont mind if you ever heard people talk bad about me, yeah, they should,
im a bad girl
i know, i admit it,
im pathetic im loser im dumb and im the spoiler,
i just want you to forgive me, i know, it really hard, but as long as we be friend
i will always be there for you,
im sorry we cant be more than friend
but i want you to become my friend,
yeah i do feel guilty
i do feel like im a dumbass
just dont forget me, i beg you, but, if you insist to do that, then just do,
im the loser girl come from somewhere in this world , who deserve to be punished
im sorry

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