Sunday, December 4, 2011

you made my day

thank you, thats all that i can say to you
thanks for cheer me up, yeah, im in stressful week,
thank you for everything
thank you for being nice to me
thank you for loving me with all of you heart, and i love you too
yeah, you made my day
penat kan hari ni, but its fun, thank you bawak i jalan2 sampai sesat2 dah, well, i mmg noob sikit pasal jalan
yeah, thanks sbb sggp teman i g sungai buluh semata2 nak cari pokok lelipan, then i buat korg sesat,
i tak tahu jalan,
thanks for everything,
then pergi mid, balik mid salah jalan, hihi, idk, tapi hari ni sumpah best, i know, i freak out mase you bawak kereta tadi, hihi just takut je act, and i dgn jord frust tak dpt tgk ombak rindu,
but at least you sabar dgn perangai kitorg
i admit, you are the best, you tak pernah marah, tak pernah tggi kan suara, im lucky to have you.
do you feel the same way? i hope so,
thanks for being such a great partner, best friend, love and teacher to me, i really appreciate it
i appreciate all the things that you had done for me,
i appreciate the thing that you have sacrificed for me,
i appreciate your love,
thank you for loving me so deep,
im glad to be your girl, *winkwink,
i will cherish every moment that we will spend together, and
i was hoping that we will last longer,
thank you for make it real for me
i will appreciate you,
i will remember every moments that we had spent together
i will remember how you fall for me
thank you so much for being with me,
paint of love, i know you love this picture very much

saja kacau dia tgh call

tgn sparrow 
ily <3

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